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Morgan Michele

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Intuitive Eating Specialist.

Hi there! My name is Morgan and my mission is to help women develop a peaceful relationship with food, feel at home in their bodies, and find joy in exercise WITHOUT diets. My clients find food and body freedom by using holistic remedies, learning techniques to improve body image, and practicing intuitive eating - an approach that gives us permission to let go of food rules, fear, and guilt that so many women struggle with.

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Eating Made Easy

1:1 Intuitive Eating & Body Image Coaching

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Free Chat with Me

See if this type of coaching is what you've been looking for!

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Free Resources

Handouts, Podcasts, and more!

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Digestive Issues?

Get my Go With Your Gut Guide to resolve bloating, brain fog, and fatigue. Based on your unique blood type!

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About Me

My background, skillset, and why I'm so passionate about this work.

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